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These tips are brought to you by KoffeeKlatch, which is part of Irenicon, award-winning specialists in employment law. We provide friendly agreements to help your business run more smoothly.

Annabel Kaye, founder of KoffeeKlatch

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fade-leftfade-rightIn just four pages of Plain English you will learn…

  • How the taxman really looks at the people you pay on a freelance basis
  • How to choose the right arrangement for your business
  • Who owns what if you don’t have a written agreement
  • What rights freelancers have under employment law (it may surprise you)
  • How to start thinking in a savvy way about who to pay and on what basis
  • What you need to know about using freelance booking websites

The answer to all this and more

PLUS you will receive 3 video bonuses...

  • Paying freelancers: what you need to know

  • Is your freelancer an individual or a company?

  • Is your freelancer in the UK or overseas?

What people say

Jason Browne

I’ve just been on a fantastic ‘Freelance Workers and Agreements’ teleseminar with Annabel Kaye. Highly recommended.

Jason Browne, Independent Media Production
Henry Head

Thoroughly professional and timely advice on employment law and HR matters from qualified experts bring practical solutions that work and not just lawyerly 'finneglings'.

Henry Head, Director
Tracey Barr

Provides helpful and practical advice in a cost-effective way for small businesses. Love the KoffeeKlatch concept - highly innovative forum for discussing hot issues.

Tracey Barr, Independent Strategy Consultant

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